Bob Terrio

Bob Terrio, video producer, has had a life-long interest in both UFOs and Disney.
Since graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1974, Bob has perfected his skills as a producer, director, cameraman and editor of film and video productions. Bob has worked in all areas of production including commercial, corporate, industrial, advertising, broadcast, wedding and social events, and documentary programs. Bob’s skills also include animation, art direction and storyboards.
Ancient Aliens in Mexico
A Lecture by Bob Terrio
Co-Produced by Jennifer Stein

Mexico is home to some of Earth’s most advanced, mysterious and violent ancient civilizations. Archaeologists and historians continue to uncover treasures buried for centuries in the jungles and deserts of Mesoamerica. In 2012 Victor Comacho, a Mexican radio talk show host and paranormal researcher, was shown some very unusual artifacts by a friend. These stone carvings were allegedly found by farmers and common land owners in a number of remote sites in northern central Mexico. Victor and his wife Gladiz began to research these stone carvings and have seen more than 2,000 of them. The artifacts are believed to be modern fakes by the Mexican government, leading archaeologists and historians mainly because of the controversial images on them and what they imply. Most people who have seen these images agree that they do not represent human beings, gods or other things native to planet Earth. They seem to represent what UFO researchers recognize as extraterrestrial beings, half-human half-alien hybrids, and UFO vehicles. These carvings, most etched into polished, hard rocks, show precise, highly developed techniques that suggest that they were created by a very advanced and technically sophisticated culture. Some of these artifacts have other stones glued onto them. This glue has been carbon dated by a couple of labs and indicate that they are thousands of years old.

Jennifer Stein and Bob Terrio have been working on a documentary about these artifacts and Bob will be showing both photos and videos from their research, and discuss the fascinating implications of the images as well as the numerous controversies they are causing.

Bob Terrio’s talk is on: “Ancient Aliens in Mexico”
For more than 50 years farmers and landowners in central Mexico have been discovering thousands of carved stone artifacts that have generated much controversy over the years. Most archaeologists and historians believe these artifacts to be modern hoaxes, mainly because of the images depicted on them. These images scratched into the face of highly polished stones seem to depict non-human beings with large heads, large oval eyes, small noses and mouths, as well as images of flying objects that resemble modern day UFOs (or UAPs). Some UFO researchers, like Victor Camaccho, have collected and studied many of these artifacts and believe them to be genuine, ancient carvings that are many thousands of years old. My co-producer Jennifer Stein and I have been working on documentaries about these fascinating artifacts and will present photos of many of them in our presentation, which will include a 12 minute video about them that Jennifer and I have produced. We can not prove whether these artifacts are “real” or not, but we encourage professional archaeologists and historians to seriously study them to determine their validity.