Jim Weiner & Charlie Foltz


Jim Weiner is an artist, a Near-Death Experiencer, and an identical twin. Both he and his twin brother, Jack, have had high-strangeness and possible abduction experiences since early childhood. Their 1976 UFO encounter and abduction in Maine’s Allagash Wilderness, along with fellow artist/campers Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak, was documented in the book: “The Allagash Abductions; Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention” by UFO and alien abduction investigator, Raymond E. Fowler.

Jim has appeared in numerous national and international radio and TV programs, including: “The 21st Century Radio’s Hieronimus & Co”, “The Joan Rivers Show”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Sightings”, Dan Aykroyd’s “Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal”, “The Richard Dolan Show”, and “The Jaime Maussan Show”; and presented the Allagash Abduction case at major American UFO conferences, including the 1994 Project Awareness UFO Conference in Gulf Breeze, Florida, the 2008 International UFO Conference, in Laughlin, Nevada, and at the 2013 & 2015 Experiencers’ Conferences in Portland, Maine. Jim attended Dr. John Mack’s abductee/experiencer support group in the early 1990’s, has done hypnotic regression work with Budd Hopkins, and is an active support facilitator at the Anne Cuvelier (Ku-vee-ay) UFO and Abductee Researchers group annual gathering in Newport, RI.

Jim worked as an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Macintosh Imaging Services at Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Computer Arts Learning Center in Boston, Massachusetts, providing technical, administrative, and instructional support to the college’s students, staff, and faculty for over twenty-eight years. Jim also holds an advanced degree in Ceramics from Boston University’s “Program In Artisanry”, and has taught ceramics at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He is retired and lives with his wife and cat in Massachusetts.


Charlie Foltz is a Midwestern after service in the United States Navy as a nuclear technician working overseas, on nuclear reactor systems of our FBM nuclear submarines serving as a Machinist qualified to work on the reactors. After being honorably discharged. Attended Youngstown State University in Youngstown Ohio. Moving to Boston following an Art career attending Massachusetts College of Art after graduation. Worked as a clinical medical photographer and medical artist in Boston for 39 years. Recently retiring. Currently teaching Boston inner-city kids in a summer arts program. Teaching  ages 6 through 19,  drawing and painting and having them create their own life size portrait pantings of Boston first responders Police, Firefighters and EMTs as well as Veterans. Students  then paint on flat panel doors, which are later publicly displayed. With their own creations on  the backside of the doors. They can create any kind of painting that comes from their minds or experiences whatever they want. These kids are incredibly talented and enthusiastic. With great family support when displaying the doors publicly first responders and parents attend building confidence in these young painters. Chuck is still a fisherman and canoeist also an avid outdoor photographer, currently  figure sculpting and plein air painting.  A member of the Quincy art association also working in Quincy Massachusetts cable television station. Creating cable television art programs, these  productions airing on  painting, sculpting, photography and related subjects. Later the finished programs air over the cable television network in Quincy.

James & Charlie’s topic:

Their presentation will cover, in depth, the 1976 Allagash Waterway event, and subsequent investigation by Raymond E. Fowler, including illustrations from the regression sessions.  It will, briefly, also cover subsequent possible abduction events in Vermont (illustrated), Texas (1980), California (1981) and Massachusetts (1996).  Charlie may wish to include a UFO sighting he had while in the Navy.  We will cover how the Allagash event radically changed our thinking, artwork and professional lives, with examples of our pre and post-Allagash artwork.  Time permitting, we will talk about the annual Newport Group research/support event.