Lynne Nickerson

After retiring from technical writing and translation, Lynne pursued a paranormal path, hosting Spirit Radio – the Paranormal Experience, along with Willy Hassell, for 6 years. She and Willy also embarked on hosting a TV show titled Edge of Reality TV which currently runs on HC Media in Haverhill, MA. As members of the investigation team Spirit Chasers Paranormal, they present their findings as fund-raisers for non-profits. Lynne began seeing UFOs and ETs at an early age, along with unexplained happenings that continue to this day. Her book Gateway to the Paranormal contains many of those stories and ghostly tales. Today, she’ll explore personal UFO and ET encounters.


Lynne’s presentation:  UFOs: An Alternate Reality or What?

My introduction to the world of UFOs began at the age of 10 while living in E. Kingston, just outside of Exeter. Over the course of several decades, the experiences have continued in different contexts with a variety of crafts and beings. Although I don’t believe I was ever abducted, there was a dream quality inherent to many of the episodes begging the question: What is real and is an alternate paraphysical reality part of our everyday lives?