Marinna Rose


Marinna Rose wants to live in a world where connecting with your souls messages and guides is commonplace and is being taught as one of the foundations of our education.

A sought after International Soul Alchemist using tools such as Scientific Hand Analysis, Intuition and deep understanding. Marinna brings her clients from pain and struggle to fully living their Soul Purpose. Her specialty is working with powerful woman in transition, helping them every step of the way!

She has successfully Produced & Hosted her own Educational Telesummit on “Freedom from Addictive Behaviors”, created an interactive online program “21 Steps to Soul Discovery “. She is gifted in Soul Guided Meditation and has co-created her “Soul Bird” CD with “Guitar Monk’ Mathew Dixon who is Dr. Joe Vitale’s (from “The Secret’”) music partner, as well a facilitator of Soul Mastermind Retreats to Belize, Bimini, Bahmas & Florida.

She is a forthcoming author of a memoir about her UFO Encounter that has changed her perception of reality forever.

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Have you ever had a situation happen in your life that you could never look at life through the same lens again?
Well times that by a million!!
most vulnerable place in her heart to connect to yours helping to activate through her presence and words what was activated in herself through her UFO Encounter.
She will explain in detail how they made the experience “Undeniable” for her so she could share this information with the world and she could have the strength to start her mission here!