Exeter Fest1

Exeter-Terrestrial is a monthly show on Exeter TV which explores the unknown. The hosts; Mike Stevens of Granite Sky, Valerie Lofaso of Ancient Wisdom Energetics and AJ Kitt of the KRI Center for Consciousness Studies have been working together for a decade on all aspects of the unknown. Over the years they have helped educate and support those who have encountered the unexplainable and have built a heartfelt community for those who seek answers. Through their unique perspectives the trio comes together as Exeter-Terrestrial to help bring awareness, answers, and support to the public.


Lecture Topic; Experiencers of Perception

What makes an experience? What is the stronger evidence to uncovering an experience, the emotional connection or what can be proven? Join us as we take a look at the Experiencer Phenomena through the perceptions of Experiencers, Empaths and Researchers.