Valerie Lofaso

Exeter Ufo Fesitval

Valerie Lofaso is an Empathic Medium, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a paranormal investigator, and
author of the Tangled Web of Friends young-adult paranormal fiction series. In the Tangled Web
future, she plans to further explore the main character's Native American roots and “stories
behind the ghost stories.” She is also developing additional works in the fantasy and paranormal
genres, short stories, and is working on promoting a spiritually based sci-fi TV pilot.
Though she has been an Empath her whole life, she has only come to understand what that
means over the past fifteen years through research, investigating, and field work. She is co-
founder of the KRI Center for Consciousness Studies which operated for ten years before closing
in 2019; while there, she managed and facilitated events, lectures, and classes in all fringe
subjects and founded her Empath Support Gathering which continues today. She is a member of
the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group and co-host of Exeter-terrestrial TV show on Exeter
(NH) public access.
In addition to reaching people through her writing and connecting with other Empaths, she is
continually looking for opportunities to work with and learn more about all these strange things
that happen in our world through paranormal investigations; clearings of homes, businesses, and
land; doing in-person and online readings and energetic wellness sessions; and more. If you are
experiencing strange activity – whether you think it’s paranormal, ET, cryptozoological, or
something else – and would like Valerie and her team to help, please send her an email at the
address below.
Valerie has been a lecturer at the Exeter UFO Festival in Exeter NH and has been heard on radio
and podcasts such as Behind the Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno, Spirit Radio the Paranormal
Experience, Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files, The Paradigm Matrix, Mudpie Podcast, The Leak
Project, and the I Want to Believe the Podcast.
She can be contacted through Facebook at Valerie Lofaso – Author & Empathic Medium or by
email at

Exeter Terrestrial on YouTube

Valerie Lofaso talk at this year’s festival is “Aliens In Our Backyard”
At four years old, Valerie Lofaso encountered a UFO in her hometown of Derry, NH. Nearly four decades later, she would discover that she is not the only one.
Valerie will look at local UFO experiences in and around the Derry area, how it has affected her life as an Empathic Medium, and what it might mean for humankind.