Check back later to see this year’s speaker line-up.

Travis Walton

fits Author of Fire in the Sky and The Walton Experience: The Incredible Account of One Man's Abduction by a UFO  will be joining us for the first time.  

Kathleen Marden

smaller.Marden Kathleen Marden is a leading UFO researcher, author and lecturer. Her educational background in the social sciences has shaped her interest in scientific ufology. She has lectured nationally and internationally... Read more

Denise Stoner

Denise New Photo Denise Stoner is proud to be Special Assistant to the Director, Kathleen Marden, of MUFON’s National Experiencers Research Team (ERT). Also, Florida MUFON Field Investigator, Star Team Member. Former Florida... Read more

Paul Eno

eno PAUL F. ENO has been called “the most intelligent voice in paranormal research today." Several radio and television producers have called him simply "incredible" and "inspiring." He was one of... Read more